Steps to SMART “ER” Goal Setting

September 4, 2016
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Steps to SMART “ER” Goal Setting

Do you thrive on setting and achieving your goals for your life, career or business? If so, then we are a lot alike in this area. Admittedly, equipped with worksheets, I drag my husband away every year for a goal-planning weekend. We’ve been doing this for over two decades so I think he is use to my approach by now! As our kids got older, I even brought them into the mix. I guess this intensity around setting goals is born from my strengths of being strategic and futuristic.

Setting goals and identifying the small, incremental steps in achieving them are important for growth in all areas of your life, which may include: finances, business/career, health/fitness, family/friends, fun/recreation, physical environment or personal growth.


Through the creative coaching process, you will set goals and develop strategies that will help you create the life you love!

Below are key elements when identifying your SMART“ER” goals:


To the best of your ability, be very specific about the goal you want to achieve and state your goal in a positive light.


When you think of your overarching goal, it may seem a bit overwhelming and that’s okay because that means you are stretching yourself! It is important to identify and set small, incremental steps that will help you see your achievement along the journey.


Make sure that you are able to initiate the action yourself for the goal you have set. After all, it’s your goal to handle! Now, this does not mean that you will have everything you need to achieve the goal. You may need to take a class, do some research and lean on a mentor whose been there already.


When setting your goal, determine how the achievement of your goal will affect others. These things shouldn’t stop you from working towards your goal, but they should be considered. If you have been aiming for this goal for some time and have not yet achieved it, you may need the support of a life coach to overcome the challenges you are facing.


A goal will likely not come to fruition if you are not monitoring the timeline. Be sure to set a date for all your incremental steps and the overall goal to ensure you stay on course. It is okay to take a breather from working on your goal if life throws you a curve ball, but don’t stop! Simply adjust your timing.


You can probably identify a couple of things right now that really energizes you, right? When setting your goal, be sure to identify what excites you about the goal that you want to achieve.


I have read so many articles and books on purpose, worthwhile work. When setting your goal, it is important to define your purpose. What will be the reward of achieving your goal and how might it impact the world around you?

Now that you’ve got the basics on how to set SMART“ER” goals, sign up below for a FREE copy of my goal setting worksheet and instructions.

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